THE BATMAN First Look Trailer (2021)
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First look teaser at the suit for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson

  • Hamad Rashid
    Hamad Rashid

    Pattinson is batman wtf

  • funky soundbird
    funky soundbird

    Very cool I dig it

  • raghavendra k
    raghavendra k


  • george frank
    george frank

    My boy patto’s gonna kill it

  • Saladin Yamamoto
    Saladin Yamamoto

    i thought batman should be covered in darkness with little to no light, not sparkle in red and make lonely single women and desperate housewives have wetdreams.. edward cullens should stop pretending he is batman, it jyst ruined my batman fandom..

  • TSL VQ
    TSL VQ

    The should’ve kept Affleck for one last movie, kill him off in the movie then introduce Pattinson as Batman Beyond.

  • MyroTV

    I be you this is going to be the next great batman, Pattinson has the twilight stigma but he sure can act you wait and see.

  • Tuned2it KCMO
    Tuned2it KCMO

    OK I'm calling Bs for this bogus.

  • Ryan

    I'm hyped just from this. I really like his cowl, it really reminds me of the 90s animated series

  • Ashley O bot
    Ashley O bot

    I cant wait until Watch Mojo comes up with a huge list of things I somehow missed.

  • Kevin The Wise
    Kevin The Wise

    Is that it?

  • deks räikkönen
    deks räikkönen

    looks like the dude from watchmen; when will a proper batman be made?

  • xXxpennyxXx

    Ben affleck is a good batman actor, I thought he'll be making more... 😂😂😂... Another reboot? wtf!!!

  • Abhiraj

    Loved the Daredevil teaser

  • Noah Runnels
    Noah Runnels

    Daredevil jus lost it

  • vince culum
    vince culum For whatever reason this is how it's gonna look

  • RYUU X
    RYUU X

    You got anymore of them pixels?

  • Qayyum Arafat
    Qayyum Arafat

    I love the music. Gives me the good vibes on this coming batman!

  • Azhar 02
    Azhar 02

    *Hypedd!!!!!* 🦇🦇🦇 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • vaz2385

    That trailer said a whole lot of something, right?

  • Tainted Kril
    Tainted Kril

    Yall were bitching about Affleck being Batman until he literally blew everyones expectations away. Now yall are doing the same thing to Robert, let him work people.

  • Pc Tong
    Pc Tong

    Get ready for the first ever electric Batmobile!

  • MC 667
    MC 667

    Darth Batman.

  • 주모미디어

    i cant see anything.

  • I Am Groot
    I Am Groot

    Idk y this was released now its coming in 2021

  • Franc

    that song remind me a mush up between the imperial march and some noir police film from the 40's...i hope this keep in the OST

  • Roberto San Juan
    Roberto San Juan

    Wasted time

  • Darvin Gramajo
    Darvin Gramajo

    It’s a great suit. Looks awesome but the chin protector really gives it that good face look. That expose chin is begging to be tested.

  • Rynaldo aldi
    Rynaldo aldi

    Who is the the composed of this music?

  • Jordan Foreman
    Jordan Foreman

    They should put Joaquin Phoenix in this

  • HardcoreSince84 Edition
    HardcoreSince84 Edition

    Spoiler alert.

  • Zack Baker
    Zack Baker


  • luker3l3

    Finally Edward is turning into a bat like a real vampire.

  • Joshua Colley
    Joshua Colley

    I'm excited

  • MostVisuals

    🔥🔥🔥🦇white eyes on my channel

  • 私立極悪高等学校残虐科

    daredevil ?

  • Charles Slaven
    Charles Slaven this all. Friends:I can't wait! Me:😑

  • Beatrice Kiddo
    Beatrice Kiddo

    Get ready for WW1984 Cheetah

  • Ashley Tiananga
    Ashley Tiananga

    Why does this feel like another twilight saga.

  • Devious Schubert
    Devious Schubert

    There was nothing to really show, wtf.

  • Abaddon The Slayer
    Abaddon The Slayer

    Am I the only one who saw DAREDEVIL in this teaser!?!?

  • stevy Bryan
    stevy Bryan

    Trailer is shit as

  • adel maache
    adel maache

    i played this to my cat . . . . . . now his wearing a black cap and chasing rats in my town at niGht 🖤

  • Sanky Bear
    Sanky Bear

    Arkham knight inspired bat suit..... nice 😈

  • RareHarmony

    Yay! A British vampire Batman. Makes sense.

  • Melian Playz
    Melian Playz

    Funny thing is. Tom Holland is friends with Robert Patterson. It will be sick if there is a sequel (if it's a success, but it's DCEU they'll just make sequels anyway) then Tom should be played as the 1st Robin.

  • Bryan Camacho
    Bryan Camacho

    Looks like calamardo xD

  • MrZucchinii

    shovel face is back

  • Рендй Рубан
    Рендй Рубан

    Certainly the Batman we both need and deserve.

  • Lcd Drmr
    Lcd Drmr

    So, they're going for screwball comedy.

  • Vitalstatistix Stats
    Vitalstatistix Stats

    *What the fuck kinda trail or is this?*

  • tompparaideri

    First gay batman

  • Nephilim Heart
    Nephilim Heart

    Itll be fine if it has a director with a vision, and WB doesnt stick their dick in it, again.

  • Porkleaker

    The cast for this movie is almost as bad as Batman and Robin (1997) I've already rated it 1 star out of 10

  • MrdEKU

    isso tá muito foda, meu deus

  • Jamez JAMEZZZ
    Jamez JAMEZZZ

    *BLANK SCREEN* Watch Mojo: *40 Things you missed during this trailer*

  • Serena

    So excited about this!!!!

  • No One
    No One

    CRB: 10 Refences you missed in The Batman

  • YtE N0iSE
    YtE N0iSE

    the batman: china

  • Noah Anderson
    Noah Anderson

    They did a camera test for Joker and now can just tell it's going to be epic.