Sonic The Hedgehog | Official Teaser Trailer
He’s a whole new speed of hero. Watch the new trailer for Sonic The Hedgehog, in cinemas this November. #SonicMovie

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG is a live-action adventure comedy based on the global blockbuster videogame franchise from Sega that centers on the infamously brash bright blue hedgehog. The film follows the (mis)adventures of Sonic as he navigates the complexities of life on Earth with his newfound - human - best friend Tom Wachowski (James Marsden). Sonic and Tom join forces to try and stop the villainous Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) from capturing Sonic and using his immense powers for world domination. The film also stars Tika Sumpter and Ben Schwartz as the voice of Sonic.
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  • LonelyDarkness

    welp i still loving this trailer

  • Big Fat Trailer
    Big Fat Trailer

    Интервью с Джимом Керри после Соника у меня на канале.

  • President Garrison
    President Garrison

    I'm here after watching the movie

  • Monkey D. Ivan
    Monkey D. Ivan

    Them's sum foos for changin' the design. Shiiet, tis one was much better. Also got 'dem nice shoes on shiiiiet.

  • Cesar Solis
    Cesar Solis

    This ws the best Sonic design ever make. Too bad it was changed and I'm drugged and drunk. V:

    • Ike Reviews
      Ike Reviews

      No the one from surreal entertainment was better a true masterpiece

  • Karatebat

    Therapist: Old design Sonic doesn't exist he can't hurt you. Old Design Sonic: 0:27

  • Eric Yeung
    Eric Yeung


  • Seth Watters
    Seth Watters

    I kind of like the white furry hands on sonic

  • sandra agosto
    sandra agosto

    I just watched this at the theater today. IT WAS SO GOOD

  • Krystenjoy Brownish
    Krystenjoy Brownish

    This 1st trailer of movie sonic ruined sega..

  • Neo Ssk
    Neo Ssk

    Mission Completed ! I Just came from watching the movie... only did cuz they really listen to us and Fix it.. I'm not even a guy who go to movie theaters at all

  • Ariel Arias Petzoldt
    Ariel Arias Petzoldt

    Does Anyone Watch The New Sonic Movie Trailer On AMsoft?

  • Luke McCann
    Luke McCann

    SEGA: ”I dare you to post this”

  • Alex Director
    Alex Director

    Who's here after redesigned?

  • Alex Skela
    Alex Skela

    Who's here from the redesign?

  • melih anıl
    melih anıl

    44 MN sonic fan yeeeeey

  • Tamashī Flame
    Tamashī Flame

    In another dimension, the sonic movie was released at its planned date with this design... Sonehow... We were in the right universe that got the redesign

  • Worst_Randoms !
    Worst_Randoms !

    This is probably satan’s pet hedgehog in hell

  • Art House
    Art House

    Вот уж будет очередное провальное говнище!

    • Alex Skela
      Alex Skela

      Вообще-то, они давно выпустили новый трейлер с новым дизайном и Соник там выглядит почти как в игре. И да, по мнению тех, кто посмотрел фильм (на закрытых показах), он очень даже ничё такой.

  • Pedronic996

    i don't know if i'm alive to see it again

    • CapsuleFlyer27


  • The Helion Arts Studio Of Random Odds and Ends
    The Helion Arts Studio Of Random Odds and Ends

    Oh thank god they changed this!

  • Ctgammer2051

    This sonic looks ugly

  • SkyFox Neo
    SkyFox Neo

    Where like and dislike?

  • YamnielPlaysMc

    Ur all gonna hate me for saying this but I kinda feel bad for the old sonic

    • CapsuleFlyer27

      @YamnielPlaysMc it was a spawn of satan

    • YamnielPlaysMc

      CapsuleFlyer27 idk I just kinda do

    • CapsuleFlyer27


  • hyperboy NC
    hyperboy NC


  • Trey Huey
    Trey Huey

    This design sucks man

  • Mark W
    Mark W

    Hello darkness, my old friend.......

  • Alex The Human Person Thing
    Alex The Human Person Thing

    Hey remember when this released and the internet literally blew up with hate -Those were some fun times-

  • DeAnna McCrimmon
    DeAnna McCrimmon

    Here after the new trailer

  • JHTV YouTube // JAM
    JHTV YouTube // JAM

    I W A N T T O D I E .

  • Jaziah jones
    Jaziah jones

    I don't want that terrible Sonic could be in the movie theaters i want he burn in hell

  • Rahel Ulaşer
    Rahel Ulaşer

    Watch this comparison video which sonic is better ?

  • Yunz06

    We were THIS close to greatness... RIP original abomination Sonic :(

  • JJ rap songs Melendez
    JJ rap songs Melendez

    The dislikes are the people that do not like this sonic design cause it look ugly

  • Тема Перевалов
    Тема Перевалов

    Nobody cares

  • Good Man
    Good Man

    All the comments, like and unlike were removed 😁😁😁



  • ExtremeX Gaming
    ExtremeX Gaming

    This is literally cancer

  • TheL0n3lyTramp

    Why is there 34 million views but only 2k likes and 1k likes, and only 349 comments??


    A diaster has been averted

  • Sofia Corona
    Sofia Corona

    È bruttissima la grafica di sonic

  • Aderr XD l
    Aderr XD l

    Q porque este video supero los 30 millones de reproducciones en one

  • Sena Agri
    Sena Agri

    0:24 de çalan şarkının adı ne What is the name of song

  • Adrian PlayZ
    Adrian PlayZ

    I a big fan of the sonic I WANT MUSIC NAME!

    • ガラクティック

      Gangsta's Paradise

  • Menacing_Mage

    What is this mostrosity?

  • Marc Adriel Valoria
    Marc Adriel Valoria

    This Sonic sucks

  • Que

    I actually like this version better

    • Bruno Ferreira
      Bruno Ferreira

      IKR?people just love to complain about eveything

    • Bruno Ferreira
      Bruno Ferreira

      @ŔÉÉŞÝ ' U vain person.

    • ŔÉÉŞÝ '
      ŔÉÉŞÝ '

      U disgusting pig

    • DeShawn Williams
      DeShawn Williams


  • CGI Future
    CGI Future

    How the fuck does this have 28million views

    • NipNip408

      It's an add

  • HcB movies
    HcB movies

    subscribers me

  • Jonne Tervo
    Jonne Tervo

    Stop using this to advertise your stupid apps

  • Alan21 Marquez avila
    Alan21 Marquez avila

    Who got this as a ad for a music player

    • Jonne Tervo
      Jonne Tervo


    • Not Dead
      Not Dead

      I did

  • Jason Lawrence
    Jason Lawrence

    Because of people hating on this movie, the original trailer on the official PARAMOUNT PICTURES AMsoft channel got removed meaning if you look down the PARAMOUNT PICTURES video history Sonic The Hedgehog Teaser Trailer it’s not there!

  • The Margolis Family Chanel
    The Margolis Family Chanel

    KiLl Me

  • Jesse Martel
    Jesse Martel

    .....Why Columbia Pictures? Isn't This A PARAMOUNT Movie? Can Somebody Explain?

    • Jesse Martel
      Jesse Martel

      @Francisco Estrada ok thanks

    • Francisco Estrada
      Francisco Estrada

      @Jesse Martel Idk I'm just generous

    • Jesse Martel
      Jesse Martel

      @Francisco Estrada cool.....but Why?

    • Francisco Estrada
      Francisco Estrada

      @Jesse Martel Btw I subbed to you

    • Francisco Estrada
      Francisco Estrada

      @Jesse Martel Its fine

  • lIlIlIllIIIllI

    Who else is getting this as a voice changer ad

    • Jonne Tervo
      Jonne Tervo

      Im getting some copy AMsoft app that just opens AMsoft

  • Dariel Diaz
    Dariel Diaz

    Thank god Sonic got redesigned or else I wouldn’t have seen this movie.

  • Niya Sioul
    Niya Sioul

    I literally just got this on an ad before a video XD

  • Robloxian Deputy
    Robloxian Deputy

    Anyone here from that stupid ad?

    • Jonne Tervo
      Jonne Tervo

      There are multiple ads I came frome the fake youtube copy

  • zaandarbrow

    anyone here after the new trailer? lol

  • うずまきナルト

    I liked this design but the new one is just WOW SO MUCH BETTER