Renovating an Abandoned Mansion Part 9
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  • Procta

    Nice to see something finally installed! I have watched from the start, and all i saw was a lot of demolishing been done, I have to take my hat off you to you pal, I think a lot of people would have cut the losses and just flattened the full works and started again.

  • GorLock

    if one fail always replace both sides.

  • Space Man
    Space Man

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="790">13:10</a> On purpose?

  • Trevor Conway
    Trevor Conway

    This series is what pushed me into getting an adblocker.... saved so much time from this channel alone!

  • angelfvre

    I love when his wife comes to visit cause you can just see the fear in her eyes

  • Lilia Campos
    Lilia Campos

    I agree with you, you shouldn't be afraid to try things and we're able to do a lot more than we imagine

  • Ashton Hitchens
    Ashton Hitchens

    Dirt i just a bunch of super fine crush rock, sand, and or clay isnt it?.

  • Louis Olive
    Louis Olive

    I called it the other deal would break right before he started it xD

  • Stan Giles
    Stan Giles

    Wow love the drone. Awesome

  • Shelly Riley
    Shelly Riley

    That type of pantry is called a butler's pantry.

  • Angie Ro
    Angie Ro

    No one: Matt: stabs the wall again

  • Xavier

    i love how the editing and videography is just getting exponentially better

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith

    Just so you know the boards you refer to in the walls are called studs!!

  • Jeff Spink
    Jeff Spink

    Slow is fast and fast is slow.

  • Jeff Spink
    Jeff Spink

    You have to go slow to go fast.

  • PocketPJ

    "Woa you know how to fix animals?" "Nope, bet I can figure it out though"

  • Nuetella_King14

    I had to build a set for my school's drama play in the 8th grade, 2 of them to be exact and they were 10 feet tall and 9 feet wide and had doors ofc and we had to attach wheels to it and had to use an angle cut thing that I had to carry from the drama teachers husband's work van then we had to paint it and we did all of that in one weekend which in south Eastern Oklahoma we only have 4 days of school well not anymore due to this sickness

  • Andy Burtch
    Andy Burtch

    6 months late to point out, but when you have a worse leak, all pressure tends to escape in that way. Fix a busted seal and the next one to go fails, as pressure now exceeds its (worse for the wear, literally) tolerance.

  • Mecha Draco
    Mecha Draco

    Don't get a chef, get a

  • Michał Styczeń
    Michał Styczeń

    bulding houses in TX is sooo easy - in Europe we build from concrete and bricks not wood ;)

  • Kody Bauers
    Kody Bauers

    For Texas, that's not really a lot of rocks, lol

  • Caleb Dephouse
    Caleb Dephouse

    Binge watching the entire series and absolutely love it

  • xchronicxblaiz3x

    Thing's already broken. Only thing you can do by trying to fix is breaking the new piece you're trying to put. Only thing experience does for you is lessen the chance you're going to break said new piece. You should have known better. Not replacing both seals... lol. The left one wasn't leaking at first because the entire system was losing a lot of pressure to the massive leak in that Right cylinder. Once pressure was restored, the smaller cracks in the left cylinder seal became enough to allow fluid to pass.

  • David Rains
    David Rains

    😂😂😆 hahaha now the other ones leaking I knew it lmao just my luck

  • Dustin Aliano
    Dustin Aliano

    That’s fill not dirt lol should have ordered 2 seal kits just in case the other broke even if you weren’t going to rebuild both at the same time Awesome show! Keep getting at it!!

  • LiveYourLifeNerd

    Man, sad to see him suffer without using the hammer on the drill. (It starts hammering+shaking)

  • Doubleheaded Eagle
    Doubleheaded Eagle

    When all you have is a hammer,everything looks like a nail.

  • Kenneth Robert Clemmons
    Kenneth Robert Clemmons

    I love guns but I think I like renovation almost as much

  • Robert Bake
    Robert Bake

    It is a butlers pantry, you said no chef, what about a butler? Lol

  • E T
    E T

    "chef's kitchen" English as Butler's Pantry. Can also be Utility Room. Often includes laundry and boiler. Boot room if leads off to garden....Watch to many architecteral/build shows.... Must stop binge watching these videos... Damnation to you man. .. 🙄

  • kevinelchapo61 Nieves
    kevinelchapo61 Nieves

    I like how he pointed things with his knife and it reminds me of me bc I do the same thing 🤣

  • Gavin Houliston
    Gavin Houliston

    Loving this series of renovation ranch but too much talking, not enough video of the progress. 90% talking

  • Ingmar Boek
    Ingmar Boek

    Does anyone know the brand and type knife Matt has?

    • Gaming Galore
      Gaming Galore

      Ingmar Boek he has his own brand, skif knives, I think that is what he is using, I could be wrong though

  • Michael Juan Dy Quiangco
    Michael Juan Dy Quiangco

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="838">13:58</a> it was at this momment he realized he messed up, BAD. Also you are so lucky that didnt hit ya, you must have a guardian angel watching over you

  • Pumpkin Man
    Pumpkin Man

    The world new the grapple bucket was too strong

  • Miranda Wood
    Miranda Wood

    I love how he shows off the view & the view from there is 360° perfect

  • Jazaniah Lee
    Jazaniah Lee

    Tell me I’m not the only one who flinched when he threw the knife...

  • KirbSyde

    I love watching thunder clouds roll in. UR gonna have beautiful views of the sunrise & sunsets🌻🌩️🌌🌈 I'm jealous A/F!

  • mena94x3

    I think you mean butler’s pantry. Wish we had the space to create one in our place.

  • Matthew Allen
    Matthew Allen

    I'm not surprised that brick floor gave you some trouble. When laid properly bricks can be suuuper hard to take down. When they built cross rail through London they reused some victorian tunnelling that runs below docklands and had to enlarge the tunnel in a section. It took them months longer than planned because the bricks were so hard to remove!

  • Caitlin Boycher
    Caitlin Boycher

    If something is broke, just fix it. AMsoft got the answer if you don’t! As a lady, I’ve fixed plenty of stuff using the AMsofts! Saves so much $$$

  • Amy Murray
    Amy Murray

    Sounds like you're describing a scullery

  • tobsam

    I'm from Germany... And let me tell you... That stuff is not even close to what we refer to as dirt... Not one bit... It's like referring to water as air :)

  • Bubbly Vegan
    Bubbly Vegan

    Are you an aries!? That knife throwing had Julien solomita vibes!

  • De Harv
    De Harv

    Haist makes waist

  • Bradford Goerss
    Bradford Goerss

    "you can do a lot if you just try." True that, man. Mantra of my life. Loved hearing you say it. great series.

  • Kiyoshi Inoto
    Kiyoshi Inoto

    In Texas we have three ground materials, rock, sand and clay.

  • James Goodman
    James Goodman

    They call it Half ass. Always Always when u have two of the same and one of two goes bad ALWAYS REPLACE BOTH. Like brakes u dont do one cuz it went bad You do all of them and keep a log on when it was replaced.

  • marv clark
    marv clark

    you should have re-sheeted as you demo-ed to keep it in the dry

  • C J
    C J

    Ah The Butlers Kitchen Aye

  • Michael Hammons
    Michael Hammons

    It's called a Butlers' Pantry

  • Stephen Amoruso
    Stephen Amoruso

    youuuung liiiiife <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="675">11:15</a>

  • GamingBruus

    Sooo much privacy on a piece of land like that... no one to complain about the massive amount of noice either

  • Scale Military Models
    Scale Military Models

    It looks more abandoned than when he bought it.... is he working backwards?

  • jason myneni
    jason myneni

    You could have just bought a new cylinder. The small ones aren’t much

  • thirstings._.content

    bruh that aim tho just your avrege texan

  • scottcol23

    I said in the last video, Always replace the ram seals in pairs when there is a two. Reason only one leaked was the other one had a larger leak. Now the second better one is the weak link. Oh well

  • Chad Pedigo
    Chad Pedigo

    If you don’t keep that house she gonna leave you lol

  • Here for a Good time
    Here for a Good time

    Name a better duo than Matt and his rotary hammer

  • Leo Cartwright
    Leo Cartwright

    Australia calling: the kitchen cupboard you referred to is called a Buttler Pantry..

  • Crazymoose 45
    Crazymoose 45

    Your doing a fantastic job Matt, With renovating everything gets hard and ugly before you start seeing improvements. Then you’ll start getting super excited. It’s really coming together. Though you are missing one very important thing.....a site manager. Here in Oz our site managers are dogs.

  • gene murray
    gene murray

    All ways build from bottom up

  • gene murray
    gene murray

    That's what you get from old equipment that you buy

  • gene murray
    gene murray

    I wouldn't twist hoses as that could break and snap off the coupling

  • Aidan Eames
    Aidan Eames

    it pains me to think about the budget for this project.

  • BC Outside
    BC Outside

    You don't have to bleed the hydraulics on that? Learn something new everyday.

  • Arminda Comas
    Arminda Comas

    The room is called a butlers pantry.

  • Craig

    when he starts lobbing the knife everywhere :'D

  • Jordan Shepherd
    Jordan Shepherd

    Yo, anyone else try to dodge the knife at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="839">13:59</a>?

  • Philip

    Ah yes, the breakfast table eating room! My favorite!

  • Matt Olson
    Matt Olson

    I'll be ur private chef for free

  • chuber lubber
    chuber lubber

    seeing them cutting OSB direct on a concrete floor.....made me shudder hard!!

  • Julian Desmond
    Julian Desmond

    you might want to take the shot of ypu killing the perfectly healthy pinon tree out of your entro lots of treehugger types cringe when they watch treeslaughter regardless the justification. peace you rock!!

  • Timothy Wyatt
    Timothy Wyatt

    So, having just found this channel and watched these episodes to this point (Happy Easter all!) my biggest question is have you considered, or why didn't you, put in a retaining wall and drainage for the rock fill you're building up the back of the house with? Aren't you worried, having extensively covered the erosion on the property, that the fill could give way in a heavy rain or damage the eventual yard you end up with? Also, since you seem to be a very talented youtube star, did your blueprints for the garage addition include a broadcast/recording studio? :-)

  • hailey

    yep, i searched this.

  • Vladyslav Karasov
    Vladyslav Karasov

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="363">6:03</a> - That's the best motivational speech right there

  • Shawn

    Not chef's kitchen. Butler's pantry.

  • Flavio Larashi
    Flavio Larashi

    Thats why u use brics in the rest of the world

  • Laxusplayz

    I laughed so hard at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="790">13:10</a>

  • Amy Becker
    Amy Becker

    Love that "cans do" attitude of yours!!! By all means please work on instilling that in all your children, especially your daughters!!

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