Iggy Azalea, Alice Chater - Lola (Official Video)
Listen to the single "Lola". Out now!
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Official Music video by Iggy Azalea, Alice Chater performing "Lola" (Official Video) © 2019 Bad Dreams Records / EMPIRE

  • Iggy Azalea
    Iggy Azalea

    I’ll be online at 10:30pm EST to watch the premiere with you all ! We’re gonna have some fun! Comment below with your questions about the video 😊

    • YCL AY
      YCL AY

      HeLLo LoLa HoLaLa do fa so si sola

    • Troy Bradley
      Troy Bradley

      Banana Bitw they complimented EACHOTHER so stfu hater!!

    • TheSilent Mood
      TheSilent Mood

      I fucking love you ahhhh💕💕💕💕

    • Fan de Jeongyeon :3
      Fan de Jeongyeon :3

      quede loca :v , me encanto la cancion :3

    • brayanjuegos Yara
      brayanjuegos Yara

      congratulations I really liked that song greetings from Colombia

  • McHale T
    McHale T

    what the fuck

  • Namjoons Thighs
    Namjoons Thighs

    I'm late but this SLAPS


    "Lola" a tagalog word in the Philippines means "Grandma" in English

  • Conner Austin
    Conner Austin

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  • Jerry Santana
    Jerry Santana

    I think she’s making a 2020 comeback 😬😬

  • hidayat mr
    hidayat mr

    The song like ..." hey mambo ...mambo italiano go go go ..."

  • Juns_Billar Official
    Juns_Billar Official

    Mambo vibes??? On the line "hey lola! sounds like "hey mambo" 🙄🧐

  • Gustavo ChaRm
    Gustavo ChaRm

    " I like that " ta diferente né?! kkkkkkkk

  • Hazel& Waffle
    Hazel& Waffle

    6.7mil 13/11/19

  • Life Of A Noob
    Life Of A Noob

    My grandma’s name is Lola and I love her🥰

  • Blaq Betty
    Blaq Betty

    dope i must say

  • shady Crist
    shady Crist

    glad to see you.....iggy

  • Shanna Jackson
    Shanna Jackson

    This song is almost the same as another music " am I a psycho" by Tech nine b.o.b and hospin.... But no lie lol music is good.

  • Vistor R.p
    Vistor R.p

    The "i like it" remix. And I love it

  • Rick Oliver
    Rick Oliver

    Make this #1 on the Hot 100, NOW

  • Passion Priority Reviews
    Passion Priority Reviews

    She killed this video

  • Luta mo
    Luta mo

    Their looks are litttt 🔥

  • Konstantina Zaharaki
    Konstantina Zaharaki

    It seems to me like -I like it like that- she is covering Cardi b with some way

  • Timberr 55
    Timberr 55

    Oh my fuck, iggy u slayed this soooooo hard, new fan. 😍🔥

  • Bunkwe Emmanuel
    Bunkwe Emmanuel

    Y Iggy rapping like cardi and actn' like Nicki?. U gotta b yr own queen b*tch. Nicki Minaj queen for ever

  • genie121

    Cardi should have jumped on

  • Mike Kilonzo
    Mike Kilonzo

    Kenyans in the house by the number of likes 🔥❤️

  • Michael Cinco
    Michael Cinco

    “Lola” is a tagalog word which means in english “granma”



  • Giselle Lisalama
    Giselle Lisalama

    This songs sounds like CardiB !!!

  • Andreanna Pope
    Andreanna Pope

    The visuals are so intense

  • Vanlal Khawngaih
    Vanlal Khawngaih

    Alice cute and sexy 😇😇😇

  • Julie Perez
    Julie Perez

    Iggy n cardi shit would b a killer !!!

  • 張玠源

    叉燒包 誰愛吃剛出籠的叉燒包 誰愛吃剛出籠的叉燒包

  • Tri San
    Tri San

    hey..hey..hey.. i become new fans Alice. who next 😉

  • bbgrpg c
    bbgrpg c

    叉燒包 誰愛吃剛出籠的叉燒包 lol

  • kumii.

    Yess my baby Alice is finally getting more exposure. ❤️ They killed this collab though. Super catchy and complimented each other's tones well.

  • Coconut !!
    Coconut !!

    Why i keep sing Now I like dollars, I like diamonds I like stuntin', I like shinin' I like million dollar deals Where's my pen? Bitch I'm signin' 😳😳

  • brwneyz713

    Always an Iggy fan & love all her songs! & now I’m also an Alice fan! This collab is insane! ❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️

  • Rebecca-Joy Henson
    Rebecca-Joy Henson

    The height difference is noticeable

  • Donncha Hanrahan
    Donncha Hanrahan

    Like this if you’re here before 10 million views! 👍

  • Xaira Camacho
    Xaira Camacho

    These two baddies were serving looks for days...Iggy is doing her periodt!

  • Marifer Herrera
    Marifer Herrera

    I miss Disneyland 😔 if you know, you know 🤪🚙🚗🚘

  • Sara Ciurca
    Sara Ciurca


  • Float Circuit
    Float Circuit

    I came here after Jesus is King. I had to balance the scales or something, I guess 🤷🏽‍♂️


    Fucking awesome

  • Isaac8619

    Hey lola is catchy as hell, good song Izzy.. this will definitely be a top hit.

  • Jordan Che
    Jordan Che

    im obsessed w this song

  • PatrickJohn Petilo
    PatrickJohn Petilo

    I am so fucking happy that bigger people are starting to recognize this talented lady miss Alice Chater! I'm so proud of her and to tell that I've been her fan since her first music came out. She is fucking amazing, listen to her music ❤️

  • PatrickJohn Petilo
    PatrickJohn Petilo

    I am so fucking happy that bigger people are starting to recognize this talented lady miss Alice Chater! I'm so proud of her and to tell that I've been her fan since her first music came out. She is fucking amazing, listen to her music ❤️

  • Laila Salem
    Laila Salem

    Must I emphasize how much I love this song

  • David Castro
    David Castro

    Iggy you are the best female rapper

  • Glenn Thompson
    Glenn Thompson

    She bringin dat Hot Fire!!!!

  • Everett Fisher
    Everett Fisher

    In love with this song. Iggy you are amazing at what you do and thank you for seeing Alice and her talent. You both complimented each other. Will always be a fan.

  • leila bono
    leila bono

    Dean martin did it first

  • your biggest fear
    your biggest fear

    Iggy's recent music is so catchy and all the music videos are such a visual treat I'm loving it.

  • Lucia Century21
    Lucia Century21

    Knockin off Cardi

  • Curtis Wilson
    Curtis Wilson

    Sounds like they're saying ” Just eat Vagina ”@0:34

  • lola leoz
    lola leoz

    Today is my birthday and the song is lola like me😂😂😂

  • Agnes Hedberg
    Agnes Hedberg

    Perfect. I like drama and romans

  • sojournes

    Keep going nuclear on em, Iggy 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Sheheryar Khokhar G
    Sheheryar Khokhar G

    its really osm iggy love from pakistan ❤❤

  • Kasia Podlipska
    Kasia Podlipska


  • Bruno Bernardes
    Bruno Bernardes

    Não canso de ver esse clipe